Davis House, Inc.         = A Great Place For Recovery!
     A place where you can get well and get your life back
Transitional Housing Is The Next Step Toward Positive Change

Determine Your Goals and Develop A Plan

If you are tired of talking about problems and doing nothing to solve them.
If you are tired of being told what's right but not given the tools to determine what is right for you.
If you are tired of trying to find the stamina to do the right thing in the face of mounting adversity.

Then Davis House's Transitional Housing's positive structured environment is for you.

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The Requirements to Stay in Davis House include:

1.  Attend AA/NA meetings and provide proof of attendance.

2.  Pass random and scheduled drug and alcohol testing.

3.  Attend and actively participate in weekly house meetings.

What at first may appear to be an ending, is often
A New Beginning

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